House Democrat Reintroduces 👍 Impeachment Articles Against Trump❗

House Democrat Reintroduces 👍 Impeachment Articles Against Trump❗

At least one House Democrat isn’t going along with Nancy Pelosi’s plea that it’s too early to talk about impeaching President Donald Trump.

Rep. Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, plans to re-introduce articles of impeachment against Trump on the first day of the new Congress, he said Thursday. Sherman was one of three Democrats who introduced resolutions to impeach Trump in 2017, along with Reps. Al Green of Texas and Steve Cohen of Tennessee, part of an effort from a small wing of House Democrats seeking to remove the President from office.

Sherman told CNN Thursday that his goal is to force the conversation on impeachment when special counsel Robert Mueller’s report comes out, saying he is simply doing the same thing he did in 2017 to push the discussion, accusing Trump of obstructing justice.

“I didn’t do this as some political move, I did it in July of 2017, about as far away from an election as a House member ever gets,” Sherman said. “Now I’m making sure not to take a step backward. We had to either take a step backward or not take a step backward.”


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