North Mara is full of Gold.Its situated about 30km away from the Sirare Kenyan boarder.Transport is like 1000 via Easycoach.
AFRICAN BARRICK GOLD LTD.Has the largest lands and stakes in North Mara.

There are no hoaxing and straight business is the norm.
An ounce goes for 120,000kes.
Alluvial is cheaper but makes out the best quality of Gold.
Fortunately my family owns land there on Gold.
100k per investment is the service agreement.
Upto 1million can and is encouraged.
The trade happens in Tanzania wholely and profits channeled to banks through wire.
Kenya is full of hoaxes in this trade that is why Tanzania is a true haven.
I will be heading each fortnight with a troupe of investors.You pay 5k for a place to sleep and meals.Transportation fee  is taken care for the investor.
This a product like no other.
Felix Oluoch.


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